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Rectifier ringing and snubbers

Author(s): Jones Morgan

Morgan Jones Look inside almost any piece of commercial equipment having a linear power supply and you will find small capacitors across the rectifier diodes. Those...

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The G Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground

Author(s): Putzeys Bruno

Bruno Putzeys maintains that one of the causes for many, many ground problems in audio is the (subconscious) way of thinking of voltages as being a property of a...

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Size does matter. Or does it?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

Size does matter. Or does it?         Vol 8

Stan Curtis

In his Vol 8 column, Stan Curtis talks about his journey...

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Pin 1 revisited, adding OEO to an accepted rule

Author(s): Polak Hans

Hans Polak used to strictly adherence to the XLR ‘pin 1’ connection rules in his fully balanced audio system. Yet, when switching on his desktop dimmer-...

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Soft Recovery Diodes Lower Transformer Ringing by 10-20X

Author(s): Johnson Mark

In linear power supplies with solid state rectifiers, the diode switch-off transient generates a current rate-of-change, dI/dt; excellent diodes generate small...

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Grounding and Shielding, Circuits and Interference

Author(s): Jones Morgan

Morgan Jones reviews ‘Grounding and Shielding, Circuits and Interference’ by Ralph Morrison. Although not specifically aimed at the audio designer it is a...

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Efficient, unity power-factor, low cost audio power amp supplies

Author(s): Thiernesse Vincent

This article deals with audio power amplifier power supplies with sine wave current absorption, showing all the benefits these offer for audio systems, these benefits...

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Letter of Stefan Heinzmann to Hans Polak on OEO (vol 10)

Mr. Heinzmann takes issue with some of Hans Polaks' statements regarding the need (or not) of grounding both ends of a cable sceen, or just one end. Their views...

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Reed Relay Distortion


In this brief article authors Groner and Putzeys discuss nonlinear distortion in reed relays. Measurement data is presented as well as simple model to estimate the...

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