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Low frequencies in rooms

Author(s): Nousaine Tom

Tom Nousaine exposes some myths about low frequency reproduction in home listening rooms. He cites manufacturer surveys about customer listening rooms with the...

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On the audibility of “high resolution” digital audio formats and how to test this

Author(s): Maanen Hans van

The introduction of the "high resolution" digital formats for the recording of sound has initiated wide-ranging discussions on the audibility of the...

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Don't put speakers in rooms & what happens if you do

Author(s): Allmaier Hannes

It is often said that the listening room should be considered in the same way as any other component of your precious stereo setup. Easier said than done, room...

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The CoFusor - Quick! Call the patent office!

Author(s): Waslo Bill

Bill Waslo has been impressed with what acoustic diffusion does in audio systems.  In his view, power amplifiers, cables, DACs, for the moment are all just ...

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What's with all this dynamic range?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In recent times the audio and consumer media seem to have latched onto the term High Definition or HD Audio. For digital audio it commonly refers to recordings which...

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