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The IC notebook

Author(s): Simon Ed

Vol 0 The IC notebook Ed Simon If, like Ed Simon, you have more different IC's than you can keep track off, you'll like his tip on how to use a notebook to...

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Adventures of a diy-audio-addict


Adventures of a diy-audio-addict Rudy van Stratum Rudy describes his adventures from a consumer-who-wants-to-upgrade, through the phases of diy-by-poking-around and...

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A New Amplifier Topology With Push-Pull Transimpedance Stage

Author(s): Groner Samuel

In this article Samuel reviews existing transimpedance stage configurations, and then introduces an amplifier topology which uses a novel push-pull transimpedance...

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Testing One, Two, Three..

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Testing One, Two, Three.. Stuart Yaniger Stuart Yaniger bravely opens Pandora's Box and makes the case for controlled listening tests. Documenting cases that show...

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The G Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground

Author(s): Putzeys Bruno

Bruno Putzeys maintains that one of the causes for many, many ground problems in audio is the (subconscious) way of thinking of voltages as being a property of a...

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On the audibility of “high resolution” digital audio formats and how to test this

Author(s): Maanen Hans van

The introduction of the "high resolution" digital formats for the recording of sound has initiated wide-ranging discussions on the audibility of the...

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Size does matter. Or does it?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

Size does matter. Or does it?         Vol 8

Stan Curtis

In his Vol 8 column, Stan Curtis talks about his journey...

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How do they see us? A short history of advertising in audio - Rudy van Stratum

Author(s): Stratum Rudy van

When Rudy van Stratum decided to clean his attic and decided to remove stacks of decades-old audio journals, he couldn’t resist to go through them one last time...

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What's with all this dynamic range?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In recent times the audio and consumer media seem to have latched onto the term High Definition or HD Audio. For digital audio it commonly refers to recordings which...

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Reed Relay Distortion


In this brief article authors Groner and Putzeys discuss nonlinear distortion in reed relays. Measurement data is presented as well as simple model to estimate the...

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