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Zen -> Cen -> Sen - Evolution of a Minimalistic IV Conversion Circuit

Author(s): EUVL

This article has been inspired by previous work by LC Audio, Leach and Nelson Pass. Patrick was intrigued by the operation of the Leach circuit as a current conveyor...

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Guest Editorial - Digital Audio: Progress, Stagnation and Regression

Author(s): Galo Gary

Guest Editorial - Digital Audio: Progress, Stagnation and Regression Gary Galo Gary offers an insightfull review of the history of digital audio developent from the...

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Passive, Discrete, DC Coupled, Open Loop IV Converters

Author(s): Ruschkowski Sigurd

Ruschkowski got inspired by his friend Erno Borbely (who should not need any introduction) to design a discrete I/V converter for his newest DAC. This converter uses...

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How Discrete Signal Interpolation Improves Digital-to-Analog Conversion

Author(s): Lyons Rick

Digital Interpolation is a way to reduce complexity and requirements for post-DAC analog filtering. Richard Lyons shows not only how it is done, but also discusses...

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Building a Great Sounding DAC with a Little Help from My Friends

Author(s): Bordelon Les

Les Bordelon has been building renowned designer and author Erno Borbely's designs for many years. Using his accumulated experience and knowledge he now, in...

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The valve DAC - Submicron silicon meets submillimetre vacuum

Author(s): Gevel Marcel van de

Despite the increasing popularity of gramophone records, many recordings are still only distributed digitally. This must be frustrating to those audio...

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