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Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages

Author(s): Gerhard Joachim

Vol 0 Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages Joachim Gerhard When prolific designer Joachim Gerhard puts his teeth into something, he will get...

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A flexible 2/4/8 channel remote level control

Author(s): Didden Jan

Project21, described elsewhere by Jean-Claude Gaertner, needed a flexible level control system for up to 4 amplifiers actively-driving speakers in at least 2...

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Interconnections in Audio

Author(s): Margan Erik

Erik Margan has long realized that a cable is a potential source of trouble interconnecting two other potential sources of trouble. In this article, he explores...

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A low-noise preamplifier with variable-frequency tone controls

Author(s): Self Douglas

In 1996, Douglas Self published a design for what became known as the Precision Preamplifier, which included a treble/bass tone control with variable turnover...

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A minimal structure high-performance voltage follower / amplifier

Author(s): Exbrayat Jacques

It is well known that when a transistor is set up such that the Vce, Ic and power dissipation do not change, it does (almost) not distort. On the other hand, you...

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A high-performance single gain-stage preamplifier

Author(s): Danyuk Dimitri

There are many types of volume controls, from simple potentiometer to transformers (autotransformers) with switched taps, from light dependent resistors to...

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An attempt to design a non plus ultra Phono Peamp

Author(s): Polak Hans

There are numerous designs and many commercially available Phono Preamps on the market, but there are  not that many falling in the category extremely good...

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