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Project 21, part I: the satellites

Project 21 is an extensive project consisting of a satellite two-way with a bass enclosure. All drivers are driven actively through a DSP-based crossover. Four-...

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Project21 - Part II - subwoofer and DSP system

In L|A Vol 0 Jean-Claude described the development of the P21 mid-high satellites with optional passive cross-over. The satellites are now complemented with an active...

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Simple Loudspeaker Correction Filters

Author(s): Gevel Marcel van de

Active filter stages having two (usually complex) poles and two (usually complex) zeroes can be very useful in applications such in active loudspeakers for correcting...

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A Mechatronic approach to Active Subwoofer Design

Professor Robert Munnig Schmidt teaches Mechatronics at one of Netherlands prestigious universities, but his hobby is in audio. Since a (sub)woofer is nothing else...

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The Small Speaker challenge

Author(s): Jarlevang Lennart

When the small "bookshelf" loudspeakers became popular some 30 - 40 years ago, they established a new market niche. Stereo setups could now much more easily...

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Fine-tuning and measurements of a sensorless motional feedback subwoofer

In his earlier article, Robert Munnig Schmidt described a subwoofer system with an electronic solution to adapt and control the subwoofer mechanical-dynamic behaviour...

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How to design a winning, blind-preferred loudspeaker

Author(s): Moran David

David Moran noticed that the Infinity P362, a decade old speaker design which is still favored by the cognoscenti, has often beaten more recent designs in blind...

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The G-pole - An adventure in Space

Author(s): Gerhard Joachim

In his Guest Editorial, Joachim Gerhard gives a very personal rendition of his many years of searching for the ideal speaker configuration. He advances by leaps and...

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The Prisma Loudspeaker - a shapely adventure

Author(s): Ntanavaras George

George Ntanavaras wanted to design some simple speakers for his surround system. However, he found that things are not always as simple and easy as they seem. In the...

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Tapped horn subwoofer system

Author(s): Nowak Tomasz

A tapped horn is a speaker design, where the horn is folded and the transducer is placed in a baffle so that the loudspeaker cone is radiating into the throat and the...

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