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Testing One, Two, Three..

Author(s): Yaniger Stuart

Testing One, Two, Three.. Stuart Yaniger Stuart Yaniger bravely opens Pandora's Box and makes the case for controlled listening tests. Documenting cases that show...

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A low noise laboratory-grade measurement preamplifier

Author(s): Groner Samuel

No lab or hobby shack should be without a preamplifier to measure very low signals with very low noise, defined gain and wide bandwidth. Samuel Groner's latest...

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A comparative overview of power supply regulator designs with listening tests

Author(s): Walton John

Power supply regulators for low power audio circuits have always been a source of controversy. Although technically almost flawless, there have been persistent...

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A Poor Man's Measurement Amplifier

Author(s): Vogel Burkhard

Every audio designer finds himself eventually in the situation that he needs a very low noise preamplifier to interface between the tiny circuit signals and his test...

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The Art and Science of the Audio Review

Author(s): Atkinson John

The Art and Science of the Audio Review                 Vol 8

John Atkinson


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The uTracer V3.10 - a curve tracer for valves

Author(s): Jones Morgan

The uTracer V3.10 – a curve tracer for valves     Vol 8

Morgan Jones

Every serious tube buff should have access to at least one...

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Capacitor sound revisited - Distortion mechanisms behind the sound of Wound and Stacked Capacitors - Cyril Bateman

Author(s): Bateman Cyril

Cyril’s capacitor article series in Electronics World, a few decades ago, were a landmark in our understanding of the mechanisms behind capacitor dielectric...

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Thermal transient variation of power amp quiescent current - Instrumentation and findings -Jan Didden

Author(s): Didden Jan

Your editor took out some time to get back to the lab table and look into that question of ‘thermal memory’ that has been named as possible cause for...

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Quadrature Bridge Measures Harmonic Distortion in Capacitors

Author(s): Groner Samuel

This article considers the measurement of harmonic distortion in capacitors using a bridge circuit. Each arm of the bridge consist of one resistor and one capacitor....

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What's with all this dynamic range?

Author(s): Curtis Stan

In recent times the audio and consumer media seem to have latched onto the term High Definition or HD Audio. For digital audio it commonly refers to recordings which...

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