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The Mini-Simplex

Author(s): Polisois Ari

Ari has been publishing his DC-coupled, Modulating Bias design as the Simplex amplifier. In this article, he combines this technology with the Split Core Stereo...

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STEREO - From live to recorded and reproduced - What does it take?

Author(s): Linkwitz Siegfried

The problems with stereo sound reproduction start already at the recording end of the signal chain. The sound transmission from the live event to its reproduction in...

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The Distortion Magnifier

Author(s): Cordell Bob

Audio equipment has become so transparent that it taxes the resolving power of all but the most expensive distortion analyzers. Bob Cordell developed the Distortion...

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A New Low-Noise Circuit Approach for Pentodes

Author(s): Blöhbaum Frank

In the tube world, it is taken for granted that if you want a low noise amplifier you don't use a penthode; penthodes have higher noise and more 3rd harmonic...

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On the leakage inductance in audio transformers

Author(s): Touzelet Pierre

Leakage inductance is caused by that part of the primary flux that doesn't make it to the secondary. That, and the stray capacitance across the primary, limits...

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Low frequencies in rooms

Author(s): Nousaine Tom

Tom Nousaine exposes some myths about low frequency reproduction in home listening rooms. He cites manufacturer surveys about customer listening rooms with the...

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Book sneak preview Audio Power Amplifier Design'

Author(s): Didden Jan

Vol 0 Book sneak preview Jan Didden Bob Cordell's Magnus Opus 'Audio Power Amplifier Design' was just being released when Linear Audio Volume 0 went to...

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Which was your first single?

Author(s): Wouda René

Vol 0 Which was your first single? Rene Wouda Trading off the excitement of the sixties against the user friendliness of the 21st century.

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Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages

Author(s): Gerhard Joachim

Vol 0 Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages Joachim Gerhard When prolific designer Joachim Gerhard puts his teeth into something, he will get...

€ 2,99

The IC notebook

Author(s): Simon Ed

Vol 0 The IC notebook Ed Simon If, like Ed Simon, you have more different IC's than you can keep track off, you'll like his tip on how to use a notebook to...

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