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The Mini-Simplex

Author(s): Polisois Ari

Ari has been publishing his DC-coupled, Modulating Bias design as the Simplex amplifier. In this article, he combines this technology with the Split Core Stereo...


STEREO - From live to recorded and reproduced - What does it take?

Author(s): Linkwitz Siegfried

The problems with stereo sound reproduction start already at the recording end of the signal chain. The sound transmission from the live event to its reproduction in...


The Distortion Magnifier

Author(s): Cordell Bob

Audio equipment has become so transparent that it taxes the resolving power of all but the most expensive distortion analyzers. Bob Cordell developed the Distortion...


A New Low-Noise Circuit Approach for Pentodes

Author(s): Blöhbaum Frank

In the tube world, it is taken for granted that if you want a low noise amplifier you don't use a penthode; penthodes have higher noise and more 3rd harmonic...


On the leakage inductance in audio transformers

Author(s): Touzelet Pierre

Leakage inductance is caused by that part of the primary flux that doesn't make it to the secondary. That, and the stray capacitance across the primary, limits...


Low frequencies in rooms

Author(s): Nousaine Tom

Tom Nousaine exposes some myths about low frequency reproduction in home listening rooms. He cites manufacturer surveys about customer listening rooms with the...


Book sneak preview Audio Power Amplifier Design'

Author(s): Didden Jan

Vol 0 Book sneak preview Jan Didden Bob Cordell's Magnus Opus 'Audio Power Amplifier Design' was just being released when Linear Audio Volume 0 went to...


Which was your first single?

Author(s): Wouda René

Vol 0 Which was your first single? Rene Wouda Trading off the excitement of the sixties against the user friendliness of the 21st century.


Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages

Author(s): Gerhard Joachim

Vol 0 Down the Rabbit Hole - Adventures in the Land of Phonostages Joachim Gerhard When prolific designer Joachim Gerhard puts his teeth into something, he will get...


The IC notebook

Author(s): Simon Ed

Vol 0 The IC notebook Ed Simon If, like Ed Simon, you have more different IC's than you can keep track off, you'll like his tip on how to use a notebook to...