A concise model for Static Induction Transistor IV characteristics

Author(s): Rothacher Michael

Static Induction Transistors are solid state devices that have triode-like characteristics. This has caused some popularity of SITs in audio already since the Yamaha parts of the 70-ies. Newly developed devices have renewed this interest, amongst others in First Watt offerings. Since most audio designers would like to exercise some simulations for their next design, if only to proof the concept, good SIT Spice models would be valuable but are virtually non-existent from open sources. Michael Rothacher set up to develop Spice models for several SITs and came up with a software application that lets you iteratively modify model parameters to arrive at a Spice model that accurately mimics real-world SIT I/V characteristics. The application is free and can be accessed through the Chrome browser.

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